I created a sphere and a floor. Made the floor into a field and the sphere to a spaceship to play around with forms and space. I wanted to see how much I was able to convey with such loose details. With the grass, by swiping from left to right and right to left repeatedly, I was able to realize a field almost immediately. Using about 5-7 different purples and pinks, I was able to paint Cyan on top successfully communicating the idea of a meadow. I didn't think the trees are necessary because the river alone was enough to show that it is indeed a meadow, but adding trees though take about 30-40 seconds more, add another dimension to the story. I think that technique will be kept.

The river was painted with the shadow dark purple, and then swipe over the sunlit part with bright pink adding on subtlely with 30% opacity brush. The round shape on top wasn't communicating the idea of a spaceship. I drew a whole sphere with rendering separately. I took the bottom part and worked from there. Adding lines made it seem more like a spaceship, but the light at the bottom made it so. The light needs a purpose, the alien object gave it a mystery. Overall, no strong backstory about the planet or the object or the spaceship. This is purely visual.