I had always thought horoscope was a myth celebrated only by the popular culture. The accuracy of the system though was astounding indeed, so that eventually led me on a quest to understand the subject through a series of empirical research. Believing in the stars’ gravitational force or any mystical force could could alter our behaviors just seem unrealistic comparing to the force of a storm for example. Immediate earthly environmental influence seems to be the way to understand how ancient people came up with this sophisticated system that predetermines human personalities. 

Celestial or Planetary

Seasons are evidently different from one another year after year. Can a person born in a hot season be ultimately different than another who’s born in a cold season? From my observations, the differences are apparent. For instance, in a summer day, I could take a walk at 8pm and there are still sunlights thus longer active hours yielding a happier experience. During winters though, sun goes down at 5pm, and I just wanted to stay cozy at home. Knowing it’s dark outside has a “reflective” influence over my subconscious. So for a mother to bear a child at different time of the year, undergo a different emotional journey; some pregnant mother has a emotional journey from being anxious to happy and some the other way around.

Fetal Education

When my wife was pregnant, we read a lot about fetal education. The concept is natural, scientific, and just overall made sense to us; if a mother is sad during pregnancy, she could release harmful chemical that influences the fetus which in rare cases kills the baby. If she’s happy, stimulating hormones will bring happiness to the fetus. A mother’s mood directly affect the fetus, which is the root of a human adult. If pregnancy took place at a gloomy environment, it would be safe to assume that the mother would be listless thus influencing the baby’s mood in a negative way as a result. Like all things in nature, in winter, we rest and preserve our calories for survival. In spring, things are growing again hinting a new hope. In summer, we expose to sunlight more often and longer being the most active season of the year. In autumn, we’re preparing for the coldness once more, and we begin to store food for the winter. These environmental shifts inspire different mentality for our day-to-day activities and our mindsets. It seemed logical to assume a pregnant mother would influence her fetus the way the environment does for her.

Conscious Stage

A mother’s influence on the fetus starts before she’s pregnant. What we also need to take into account is a person’s conscious stage. Every child’s consciousness at 3 year old has approximately the same level of maturity across. If a person’s first memory of losing a toy happened in a dark cold winter versus bright hot summer, he’ll have a very different behavioral signature that dictates his future values on losing a property.

Factors of Inaccuracy

There are many cases where horoscope predictions are not accurate. If my above speculation is true, one possibility came to mind was If a baby is born prematurely in July (two months before its due date), is s/he a Cancer (the unexpected early birth) or a Virgo? Will he possess both traits? Thus, can labeling a person’s horoscope based on his or her birthday a symbolic gesture? Could he experience the birth of a Cancer but may eventually learn the world around him as a Virgo because of his conscious stage? Confusing situation like that is what breaks the norm and makes the system confusing because both nature and nurture play equal part to a person’s growth.   In another case, if a Virgo child has a Libra mother and a Gemini father, he is likely to learn both horoscope’s trait unconsciously therefore possessing part Gemini and Libra into his Virgo behavior. As a result he may be 50% Virgo, 30% Libra, and 15% Gemini, and 5% influences from friends and acquaintances. If a Leo is born in an introverted environment, where all his natural aggressive mindset is condemned upon, he would learn to hate his given traits and adopt others. At that point, he may be just a 30% Leo. In this case, a person’s trait become not as apparent thus causing confusion in according to traditional predictions

Compatibility Based on Mindset

Zodiac signs suggest compatibility based on how close two people’s natures reside: a Virgo may be compatible with a Cancer, but would he learn anything with a Cancer partner? My doubt suggests that compatibility should also based on either the person is a closed or growth mindset. What that means is, you can marry someone who has identical personality, or you can marry someone who’s completely different and you can learn from each other throughout their lives. Couples with very close traits are safe but would yield no dynamic results in life. Nature discourages incests because it wants us to explore different combination of births, so we wont extinct if a disease spread. The traditional compatibility model is a reference just like a designer’s color wheel.    Horoscopes in my opinion will remain a myth to most if the system remains traditional and unchanged. What horoscope really is is predicting a person’s core trait based on our natural environment. The sky is just a calendar, and naming the traits on celestial figures does not give any significant weight on the power of stars light years away. To clear confusions, a new more modern naming system is required based on seasonal differences. Understanding human by environmental influences is by far one of the most innovative human invention to date, and it should be celebrated, promoted, and mastered.