To be inventive, we must first position ourselves in the environment to be inventive. An inspiring environment is one that inspires us unconsciously: How the pedestrians are dressed, what the radio station is broadcasting, is there enough exposure to nature, does the sun brighten the room in the morning, or what your friends are sharing on Twitter will all affect our behaviors and thoughts in the most unconscious manner that makes us who we are.

To improve our skill at a certain craft or to change a habit, following tips or hack may help us to produce immediate results, but may not promise a long term change. What we need to do is not to modify the surface but to change the core of ourselves. In this case, building a more positive social circle, starting to do more charity work, and adopting a healthier routine are all more efficient at improving a skill than learning from a technical tip. If we want sweeter fruit, we don’t add sugar with it, we fertilize the tree. The change may take longer, but such sweetness is irreplaceable.

I believe good ideas are inspired from people, but great ideas come from nature for we are the product of nature. Nature has been has been the source of our inspirations since ancient times; we compare our own characteristics to water, wind, trees, and more. in order to understand more of our potentials. Immersing in nature has the capacity to allow us to see and feel the fundamental rules that govern all things on earth. We’re slowly steering off of that path and become inspired by our own creations. It is unavoidable, but when that happens, we cease to understand what we all fundamentally seek for and our relationship with nature.

To understand human is to understand nature, and we must be one with the nature to witness the secrets of innovation, creativity, and our purpose of life.