What I learned about fear from most recognized leaders is that it is one of the worst traits to possess if you want succeed in any aspect of life. I noticed too that indeed everything and every decision I've ever made based on fear ended up unfavorably. Fear is about focus. Whenever a negative outcome is focused to be avoided, it is achieved. In that sense, we should always do something not because we want to avoid a certain outcome, but because we want to attain a certain outcome. To be fearless is a hard mindset to adopt: Most of the time, I would say “Let’s not do this because I fear it would…”. When it really should be “Let’s do that instead because it would help us to…”. That's a big difference.

Such argument is sound, but my argument stems from the fact that fear is what kept us alive since we started walking on earth, so shouldn’t it be a timeless trait? Why is it suddenly a disadvantage in today’s society? Perhaps everything we do now as our civilization advances is an attempt to eliminate fears of all kinds: The fear of hunger, discrimination, and death? So is that true that in a world where there is no fear, fear cannot inspire a better life?