We don’t level up the way game characters do: It’s not a steady progression. In real life, we progress, and then we regress the next day. It is such regression discourages commitments. I slowly started to notice when I began working out at 30. I would look strong one day and flabby the next. Only when I understand I'm working out for my health and to listen to audiobooks did I slowly make it a prevailing habit. Having a setback is unavoidable and is necessary to push us to mastery.

During our trip to Cancun, I one day emerged my whole body in the ocean paying attention to the flow of the waves. Sometimes the wave is big and would hit my face, and sometimes though it may appear big but would end up a small wave when it reached me and would just pass by. I remained stationary, but I finally understood that there's simply no way for me to predict the intensity of the next coming wave by looking at it 10 feet away. Though I cannot predict each individual wave, I could notice the rising tide after nearly an hour. The same phenomenon is apparent in exercising, learning new knowledge, and building a great company. A company's stock then would also follow the same paradigm and cannot climb higher unless it goes down first. While we cannot predict the rise and fall of a stock within a day, we can understand its long term potential as the ocean tide and witness its slow growth in time. It is such force of push and pull are we able to see consistent growth in anything.

Doing something great once is meaningless if we cannot persist. Only recently have I learned to never be discouraged by immediate results because perseverance will always promise great results. Patience is passion and perseverance tamed.