Discovering your passion is an extensive exercise. It requires the exploring of different hobbies as well as to understand the root of our own subconscious psyche in order to know what sort of activities were encouraged by our parents in our infancy.

“What is my passion?” in my opinion, is the wrong question to ask though it seems most direct. What I believe we need to venture upon is what it is we can do for the world, what problem can we solve for the world. It is not some thing we do for ourself will be long lasting and fulfilling; it is what we can do for others will grant us the most intrinsic happiness.

If you’re doing something to fulfill your materialistic needs, your social status, or the approval from your parents or friends, it’s something you’ll eventually regret doing as a life long commitment.

Finding out what we can do to help the world is the key to finding fulfillment of our own existence. It is tough to determine which path we take by looking down at the roads presented; if we look up and far, then we are granted choices.