We become what we believe to be.

If a war breaks out, the value of cash diminishes while of the value of gold rises because gold retains the value for exchange of goods after the war is over. Now, what happens if a planetary apocalypse took place instead? Suddenly, the value for precious metals once again decreases in the same manner as the value of natural resources rises.

Currency builds on top of its immediate predecessor: virtual currency on physical currency on rare metals on food on natural resources.

Currency is invented by human, so the creators follow the same paradigm. If you see a farmer, a billionaire businessman, a soldier, and a hunter together in one room. Their importance in this society is in accord with their wealth. If the war breaks out, the billionaire’s ability to generate virtual currency becomes meaningless thus a shift in hierarchy. The one with a military background is likely to take control for he is more assertive, physically capable to make decisions and protect the group in order to bring them to a better life. The higher a person resides on the social pyramid, s/he gains distance from his/her natural heritage. Even the farmer and hunter would be, if not, more useful or resilient in this hypothetical situation. This is a very crude stereotypical assumption as I lay the foundation, but if you’d agree please continue.

Imagine the old Caesar, Marcus Aurelius, who is a great Roman emperor; he is wealthy, authoritative, a warrior, a philosopher and an honored man. During the war, he retained the role of a leader; a dominant, confident, and capable one. In peace, he is a philosopher, a king, and an influential politician. He is a strong figure no matter which societal stage he lives in. In this case, I would assume even in modern time, it is likely that he would assume the role of a remarkable leader with charisma, intelligence, and physical resilience to lead us to a better life. Though hypothetical, that is what I believe where the concept of Human Power exists. We are giving up such a power as our society advances. We become soft and incapable because we have the lower class do the tough work for us, so when apocalypse comes, our capability to survive dwindles. It is when we are too far apart from the origin of such power, those who retains it, takes control. We see that from ancient time over and over again when the neighboring barbarians take over the glorious civilizations that took centuries to build. These barbarians, upon taking over beautiful cities, become soft again, and so the cycle repeats itself. The founder of a nation is always a strong leader, but his/her predecessor, however, would slowly lack in strength as the place they grow up in is nurtured with lack of challenges, which would slowly take away the power of being a leader.

Money is not social currency nor is it a measuring tool to evaluate a worth of a man. We should focus on harnessing this Human Power, and money would come as a result of one's character. It is what makes us human allowing us to build a better society. It is intelligence, morality, courage, responsibility and discipline that describe our worth.