With the continuing advancement of CGI, the believability of our visions and imagination are more crystalized than ever before. Games and movies borrow this technology to bring us to worlds unimaginable.

Movies evolving from books is a powerful phenomenon. A book, consisted of only texts, has the power to bring readers into distant worlds. I’ve come to believe books have the capacity to exercise and force our minds to simulate experiences (acting, visual, voices, sounds, music and etc…) where movies and games cannot. Movies just doesn’t challenge or train our brain, but instead, they’re making informations easier to digest thus more entertaining.

On the subject of education, books, movies, and games all offer us morals, lessons, and model behaviors to learn from. On top of this layer, gaming actually serve more educational purpose than movies or books because of the feedback we learn from interactivity. It is ideal, however, as technology rises, players’ abilities and opportunity to imagine and digest low resolution (or abstract) visuals are taken away. And now, for games for PS4 to simulate such close-to-reality experiences, the industry is really spoiling the players the chance to imagine; it is similar to if a person sits on a wheelchair with a pair of perfectly healthy legs, he’ll never learn to walk nor run.

Next generation gaming is becoming more of an entertaining than a learning opportunity. Lack of visual informations as I understand is not the mainstream way because it puts the brain to work to fill in the rest of the blanks to make sense. But again, I suppose work is what people don’t need after work. Unless, games can eventually replace “work,” and allow people to live and breathe inside a game and offer the same level of importance in advancing human civilization, entertainment is still entertainment.