Interstellar is one of my favorite films to date. It is a sci-fi adventure that's both artistically and scientifically awed. Visually, I've never seen worlds and the general design of the film as imaginative while avoided being flashy. To me, the film is more than a science fiction, it is a dramatic piece exploring the sophistication of human emotions and our purposes. Scientifically (which is the focus of this entry), the interpretation of dimensions really captured me. Whenever I see videos or books exploring the possibility of another dimension through the understanding of our own three-dimensional world, I'd usually speculate and move on without thinking too much. But the ending of Interstellar, knowing how accurate the science of the film is, I was willing to believe for a second if it were actually true, and the result brought me to a whole new level of understanding of our physical universe.

This is what I began to think about. A star in the sky is perceived as one dimensional — a dot. A closer heavenly body would be acknowledged as 2 dimensional being a circle. Approaching one even closer, it could finally be seen as 3 dimensional. Orbiting around the star or planet would make it a 4-dimensional object since we can start to see it rotates and moves through time. Evolutionary theories allow me to speculate that our senses are only as effective to a point where our survival is ensured. We don't really need to see Andromeda in the sky at night, but we need to see the moon or the north star to navigate in the dark.

I'm beginning to grasp the understanding that there may just be trillions upon trillions of dimensions in this world. What's hard is not to understand that there are so many dimensions, but what's hard is what we can do to translate those dimensions into our 3 or 4-dimensional understanding. Computers, by itself, is a box of metal and silicon. We can touch it, we can play with it, and we can make it into a knife and cut meat. Once we have electricity, however, the machine (computer) can route the energy into signals of 0 and 1's that turns the LED into graphics so we can understand. Are windows, texts, and apps the way machines really work? Not necessary, they are just translated in a way we can understand the virtual world easier. How it really works only exists in theories remaining invisible to the naked eye. Watching documentaries on outer-space, we see planets and stars move through space at a rate of millions of years to a second. We're also able to inspect those heavenly bodies close up like an object we can hold with hands. It's translated in a way that most of us would actually believe the moon may be just inches away from the earth if the earth is described with the scale of an apple.

Seeing an iPhone projecting images and sounds should be something incredible for us to ever comprehend — something so bizarre and alien to our most natural evolution. I was surprised we could ever acknowledge it as something ordinary. The phone is getting thinner and thinner to a point where it's paper thin, isn't that just like a dimensional portal portrayed in a movie? I was looking at people staring into their laptops in a coffee shop one day and imagined those laptops as ordinary metals. From that perspective, it's most unnatural to see how people can sit there for hours staring into a hunk of metal and after a long day, they were able to communicate so many ideas with so many people and are able to produce phenomenal experiences to share with the world. If one day a device is so small it fits inside our head, you'd see people sitting around staring off into space, and the world would slowly alter in accordance to our wills. 

I'm beginning to believe that a dimension is simply a part of this universe. Some dimensions can form together to create a reality. In our physical reality, it is perceived to be 4 dimensions. And this 4-dimensional structure can be used to understand any other dimensions. It's as if we can use English to comprehend any other language. To inspect further, can we say the microscopic world is another dimension? Are our thoughts? Are things we cannot see or hear another dimension? We are able to create microscopes and translate the microscopic organisms to our own understanding. Our thoughts are invisible to our naked eyes until we painted on a canvas, acted it out, wrote on a paper or produced a piece of music, or created a dream machine that can capture those thoughts in a computer. Those things are out of this world. Our thoughts are created and linked to a different dimension although everything happens in this physical world.

What's really interesting with the universe, the microscopic world, our own physical world is that when they are translated to our 4-dimensional understandings, they share extreme similarities. That raises another question: Is there a fundamental law that governs how everything is build and how everything behaves? Because whenever we proved that each individual thing in the universe is different from one another, it is proven otherwise when we dig deeper. A tree is different from a blade of grass, but they are all plants. They are different kinds of plants, but they all require water and soil to grow. Their requirements for existent are the same, but their structures differ. But then, they are all built of atoms, and so on...

Albert Einstein once said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

That is a belief both eastern and western philosophies often agree on. It is most fascinating when I reach into nature, it is true that while everything is different from one another, everything seems to share common fundamental traits with one another. Things like our solar system as to an atom. Brain neurons as to the universe web. Behaviors of a virus as to a human's. The deeper we investigate, the more similar everything seems to become.

Dimension is simply a term that describes the universe from a certain perspective or angle, but deep in its core, I'm beginning to believe they all follow one law that is the flow of the universe — The soul of the world.