Nature follows its own rules. It has its own DNA, ways of life. You cannot control it, but you can ride with it. 

Taking care of a newborn, now a toddler, is not an easy feat, and I’m sure only a parent would agree while others speculate. For a baby, who has no concepts of anything, I had no idea how I was ever going to reach him or teach him to ever imitate our daily activities or any skill set of any sort. Over the years, I’m starting to pickup that my son doesn’t learn from my commands or any forceful gestures; he responds only to suggestions for tasks. 

On an intellectual level, I noticed teaching a baby the name of an object with spoken words works, but what works best is emotions. If he bumped his head while playing with a green object, later if I presented him another green toy, he’d cry out for no reason. Every time I shouted “gaming time!” He’d rush over to the couch and wait for me to turn on the TV and PS3. If I don’t do those things, he’d do them for me. Once I shouted, “blahblah blah!” in the same tone and manner, he’d rush in and do exactly the same thing turning on the TV and PS3. He doesn’t understand the term “gaming time.” He understand the emotions associated with that experience and the aura of such attitude emitted.

A lot of these submissive messages and psychology connections he builds up are exactly what we adults do in real life in fact. We associate blue with social media, the sky, and maybe social anxiety because of something you read on Facebook. A Pepsi inside a Coke labeled cup will taste better than a Coke inside a Pepsi cup. This is how our minds work. Now that we’re grown up, he can disciplined ourselves to do things that natively we don’t enjoy because of our parental discipline, responsibilities or survival. We can become good, but we can never be great if we endure to accomplish a task we don’t believe in. We do our best work when we’re advised, when we’re free, when we’re curious. When we meet an insincere person, we know because not of the words he speaks of, but because of his body gestures and tones when he speaks. We are creatures that communicate through emotions. Our rational words and actions are there to support that unconscious messages and not to represent them as facts.

To make a creative work that speaks or connects in a deeper level, it is the subconscious that are speaking to us not the superficial contents.