To gamble is to donate to the Casino, an organization that exploits the greedy people. I used to play some 21 every time we go to Las Vegas, and I felt the dealers often make us feel we lose money because we didn’t play the game the right way. But my assumption is, their managers put those words in their mouth to evoke a sense of competitiveness, so we would keep on playing while blaming “luck”. The truth is, if you’re an expert at counting cards, you still only have a about 35-40% of winning chance at a large casino in Vegas. They win money either way.

Overall there are two possible psychological effects to winning versus losing. First, if you lose, you’d think “I should have stopped when I was ahead,” and then onto “I must get more money to get back my money by gambling more.” It’s a natural reaction. That’s why the game is fun. This is not an alarming reaction. The second possible reaction is the worst kind of reaction, which happens when you win, you’d think “I win when I want, and I can get money when I want anytime in the future.” Casino is no one’s ATM machine. If you hear your friends always telling people how much they win at a casino, it’s never true. Believing you’ll ever prevail at the end, is the beginning of losing everything you ever have. The house always wins, and that is the law.

Even though the house can win the money, they cannot win happiness (at the table at least). I discovered a way, however, that can guarantee winnings all the time by losing.

This Is How You Can Win 100% of the Time

First of all, the money you’ll use to play the game, is your first loss. If you win at the end with that money, you’ll give that amount to your friends, family, or a charity. You can never put it back in your pocket. That money is a ticket to have fun not something you use to make more money.

The most important thing you’ll remember is, you will never make money. All the money that you win, is not yours. You cannot use it to pay a bill, pay anyone or any institute for what you owe. Especially if you’re poor and owe a lot of money, DO NOT PAY THEM with the money you win from gambling. That money is not yours, you need to give it away.

Remember, you’re playing with money that’s not yours, and you will win money that’s not yours. If you can abide by it, you can play any game you want when you visit a casino. If you don’t do it, you will lose a lot both financially and spiritually. It is a game, a very irrational game. Do not let winning fool you into thinking you can ever beat the game. You can only transform that money into happiness if you choose to.