Steven Jobs

By Walter Isaacson

★★★★★ (Highly Recommended) Read from August 31 to September 15, 2014

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The life of Steve Jobs is just as innovative as his company and products. The book is very well written covering every details about his personal life as well as his work. Isaacson unveils the process, bureaucracy and conflicts of Jobs' effort in creating each Apple products, starting Pixar and Next. It is refreshing to witness and learn the process from a genius realizing visions that affect the lives up to millions. There's only one downside, and it is Steve Jobs himself. He is, in my opinion, setting a very bad example for future generation on the style of management. He is promoting everyone to be brutally honest (tyrannical) if the vision deserves light. I think vision is the key to greatness, and personality has little to do with it. There are a lot of historical figures who didn't impose Steve's hysterical management style and still achieved greatness. For example, Gandhi, Einstein, Lincoln, or Confucius. I think the personality works for Steve Jobs only because of his childhood, where he grew up, plus many other small factors that position him in an advantageous state where adopting this brutal personality becomes a plus. Overall, the book is highly recommended for any entrepreneurs or anyone who's curious to learn the life of a great mind.