Einstein: His Life and Universe

By Walter Isaacson

★★★★★ (Highly Recommended) Read from April 29 to May 06, 2014

Amazon's Link: http://amzn.to/1OoRnsq

I've had my own understandings and beliefs of who Einstein is according to TVs, movies and social references. Only when I finished the book, I realized he is a human like us, whose life also has its ups and downs. Walter Isaacson illustrated the life of Einstein from multiple sources including personal letters, diaries, press, family and peers. Einstein was a rebel, not entirely a very good father, hard working genius and someone who's a little arrogant at times. The book's title, His Life and Universe, is the perfect description of the book, which covers his life journey as well as how he arrived to the famous Theory of Relativity and later to his Unified Field Theory. This book is my first biography, and it has been a great read.