The Power of Myth

By Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers

★★★★★ (Highly Recommended) Read from April 10 to May 01, 2014

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The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers is a transcript of a video recorded interview taken place in Skywalker Ranch. This is a small book of immense knowledge of the future and the past. Joseph Campbell has transcended from being a literature analyst to a philosopher of life and religion. My first perception of the hero's formula was nothing short of a superficial money generating hype, until I read The Power of Myth, I came to understand that such generalization was in fact a crystallization, the ultimate desire of a human journey based on a vast foundation of mythologies told throughout the millenniums. Joseph Campbell contemplated and explained the very core of human nature with countless mythologies, religious texts and history references from different cultures around the globe. This book is a classic, a must read.