art, game, philosophy, dad




art, game, philosophy, dad


I grew up in Taiwan before my family and I moved to the US in '96. I met Sheena Young (楊 歆蕾), the mother of my two children whose an inspired UX designer, during my 2nd year at Art Center. The influence of my family has been transformational. To this day, I remain very close with my father, Chiung-Chih Lin (林 炯志), a scholar and a investor, my brother, Chao-Kuo Lin,(林 朝國) programmer at Apple, and my mother, Janice Sung (宋 貞), an active volunteer in the Bay Area. 








Chase Lin(林 朝暉)

9/5/84, Taipei, Taiwan 

Cupertino, California

Sheena YoungAesun Lin, Evna Lin

BFA, ACCD, Pasadena ‘08, Monta Vista Highschool '04

cooking, philosophy, psychology, nature, future technology, astronomy, architecture, woodworking



I was born in Taipei before my family and I moved to the US in '96. Taipei is a busy city, and coming to suburb neighborhood in a different country, was a huge change for us. Playing games has always been a way for me to seek adventures. I thought US is great; it's got clean air, great weather, blue sky is the best. Coming to the US motivated me to play even more. 


I studied film and videogame concept art development in Art Center. Getting the degree was brutal but a great mental challenge. I spent one term to take all the introductory courses my school had to offer.

After graduated, I worked for 3 months on a contract basis before I quit and began pursuing my first game idea.

2009 Jan. - Mar. WORK

2009-2010 NOTHING

Conceptualizing a new project is exciting, but I never knew motivation could be the hardest mindset to adopt. This very initial phase turned out to be the most challenging feat I had to tackle; I did a little traveling but simply, I did not know what motivation means.

I had an idea to transform my passion in gaming into a business by making competitive gaming more accessible and friendly for mobile gamers. Starting a company was a challenging but fulfilling journey. I finally halted the company after 2 years reflecting upon how to bring more values to our players. I began a period of personal improvement regimen soon after.

My son Aesun was born in the year of supposedly the end of our world in 2012. I thought his birth meant the end of my dream during the busiest time of my startup. Instead, his arrival only made me more motivated, time conscious, and to rightfully question the value of my "dream".

Evna's arrival is quite a shock. We were prepared and ready to move on with our career but taking a halt again. Staying at home taking care of her gained me even deeper understanding and appreciation for my family, my own life, and the people in the world that I one day hope to serve.

Gandhi once said, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” I began spending a great deal of my time and effort studying leaders and innovators trying to understand what it really means to do or create something for the world that coincide with my passion and my abilities. Physical exercise is among things that changes me fundamentally. Pushing my physical limits is pushing my mental limits. I started a blog during this time that reaffirms the books that I read, gather thoughts that inspired from my research and life. This is the most humbling and world changing experience I have undergone my entire life. 

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