The Talent Code

By Daniel Coyle

★★★★☆ (Recommended) Read in June, 2014

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This may be the neuroscience version proving the concept for Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. In this book, Coyle explains the physical phenomenon of our brain building a substance called Myelin, which is responsible for developing skills. The more we execute/practice a skill, the brain will create more Myelin or association with our physical body responsible for such task. The more Myelin is created, the more skillful one becomes. The book also explores the different types of training techniques for building such substance. Such exercise is what he refers to as "Deep practice." One inspiring example includes practicing the skill of Soccer by reducing the ball's size while increasing its weight during training sessions. We must adopt such analogy into the skill we want to develop in order to achieve mastery after 10,000 hours of practice as Malcolm Gladwell also points out in Outliers.