My name is Chase Lin (林 朝暉) — gamer, designer, blogger, father of 2. I grew up in Taiwan before my family and I moved to the US in '96. I met Sheena Young (楊 歆蕾), the mother of my two children whose an inspired UX designer, during my 2nd year at Art Center. The influence of my family has been transformational — being extremely inspired and supportive. To this day, I remain very close with my father, Chiung-Chih Lin (林 炯志), a scholar and a investor, my brother, Chao-Kuo Lin,(林 朝國) programmer at Apple, and my mother, Janice Sung (宋 貞), an active volunteer in the Bay Area. 

I'm now a stay-at-home dad dedicating any free time I have to pursue personal development and blogging hoping to one day contribute to the world as those before us once did. This is my page with detailed account of my life for those of you want to know more about me. I hope you'd enjoy your stay.


Chase Lin

9/5/84, Taipei, Taiwan 

Cupertino, California

Sheena Young

Aesun Lin, Evna Lin

BFA, ACCD, Pasadena ‘08, Monta Vista Highschool '04

Philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, nature, future technology, art, astronomy, stoicism










I was born in Taipei before my family and I moved to the US in '96. Back then, I could always find time for playing games on a computer my father called it 286. I played and loved every genre as long as it's a game, but I always have a special connection with adventures and exploring worlds, which was what inspired me to begin drawing or writing down ideas whenever I was grounded from playing too much.

1984-1996 EARLY LIFE

My studies in illustration focused primarily on film and videogame concept art development. Getting a degree from Art Center was a little rough, but some of us made it to the finish line. I did decide to graduate a term later and invest the time to learn about the introductory courses of all majors my school had to offer pursuing to understand the idea of design more holistically.

I met Sheena the first day of college. We didn’t share contact infos then and didn’t talk again for 2 years. Luckily, we met again at the same spot in the school's bookstore, and that's when it all began. We have the most extraordinary adventures together, and now we have 2 kids.


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After graduating, I worked for 3 months on a contract basis before I quit trying and moved back home and began planning for my first startup.

2009 Jan. - Mar. WORK

2009-2010 NOTHING

Entrepreneurship should be exciting. Except, before this point of my life, there's always someone who told me what to do, and I never needed to give it much thought. I never got to manage my time or my activities. I tried to pick up a few books, did some writing, made some art, but all I wanted to do then was to play World of Warcraft and let time slide by. It was a dark period of my career. I traveled to Norway, China, and visited a few US states during this time. I simply did not know what motivation means; many times I thought about getting a job in the industry and move on, but Sheena encouraged me on.

Moving back to Silicon Valley opened my eyes and inspired me to continue entrepreneurial journey. I had an idea to transform my passion in gaming into a business by making competitive gaming more accessible and friendly for mobile gamers. It was a challenging journey but fulfilling at the same time. I finally closed the company after 2 years going through my first moral crisis in regard to not bringing enough values to our products. I wanted to make a better game. I wanted to build a better company. The only way I believe that could be done is to adopt a personal development regimen.

My son Aesun was born in the year of supposedly the end of our world in 2012. I thought his birth meant the end of my ambition, my dream during the busiest time of my startup journey. But turned out, him being born only made me more motivated, time conscious, and to rightfully question the value of my "dream".

Having my daughter Evna Lin makes the family just that much more dynamic. Her existence gains me even deeper understanding and appreciation for my family, my own life, and the people in the world that I one day hope to serve.

Taking a step back led me to take a hundred more as I began a period of reflection. Something Gandhi said influenced me greatly, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” I didn't have the highest view of myself then, I decided to follow the footsteps of world leaders/innovators of the time adopting habits deemed "innovative" by psychologists, researchers and motivational coaches. I'm in the period of transforming, exploring my purpose, and seeing the world.

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